Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley picks wrong case for anti-hate crime crusade

Detroit Free Press writer Rochelle Riley isn’t a detective. She just plays one in her column. That’s evident from the strange suspension of belief underlying her Aug. 28, 2012 commentary  on a hazy Michigan State University off-campus assault still under investigation. [The column was taken offline later that week and isn’t in the paper’s web … Continue reading


‘Hate crime’ claim becomes headline fact as some Detroit media rush to inflame outrage

You needn’t be a journalist to see these ingredients as headline news: Jewish college student’s jaw is broken in what he calls an anti-Semitic attack that included Nazi slogans and mouth-stapling. If you are a journalist, though, an inner voice should say: “Careful here” or “This almost sounds too dramatic . . .” Think about … Continue reading

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Meet the advocates of self-promotion via ‘newsjacking’

As a marketing communication consultant, I’m saddened to see a leading public relations service provider claim, “Newsjacking has become a common practice for the successful PR professional,” and surprised to see that service urge clients to capitalize on breaking news. Promotional piggybacking off timely topics isn’t new. Journalists welcome legitimate sources’ offers to share expertise, … Continue reading