Detroit News writer Frank Donnelly shows why good newspapers remain vital

Don’t tell Whitney Kropp, 16, and other teens in West Branch that metro dailies are losing readers, impact or relevance. They have a huge reason to disagree. A poignant front-page Detroit News article two days ago about Whitney has been picked up around the world, notably by NBC’s Today Show, CNN, the Los Angeles Times, America’s … Continue reading

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MLive’s one-voice report on Occupy Detroit isn’t fair or balanced

Anniversary articles are as much of a journalistic chestnut as Halloween safety tips and Dream Cruise previews. They’re the Groundhog Day of assignments: soft, predictable and unhurried. But any story can be elevated by an artful, imaginative writer. And in less skilled hands, we get what Mlive posts today as coverage of Occupy Detroit’s first … Continue reading

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The Patch experiment: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

A day after I question whether Patch advertising manager profiles with unsubtle sales pitches are appropriate in editorial space, a Pittsburgh journalist reflects on what’s wrong and what’s strong about the company she served for 14 months. AmyJo Brown, editor of North Hills Patch in Pennsylvania until May 2012, comments: If your brand is journalism … Continue reading

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Patch chisels at The Wall: News articles pitch ‘ridiculously effective advertising deals’

It’s not the type of sentence usually seen in news space:      “She comes armed with ridiculously effective advertising deals that should fit most any budget,” a senior regional editor reports at the start of prominently displayed articles this week on 12 Patch sites across Southeast Michigan. Each is a “we’d like to introduce” presentation … Continue reading

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Where’s Gus? MLive city datelines don’t always mean what they should

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – This isn’t a news story. It just opens in the style of one to draw a distinction between truth and trickiness. That upper-case city name shows where this was written, a print news tradition called a dateline. It’s a telegraph era holdover that migrated to the digital news age, with geographic datelines … Continue reading