Crain Communications leaves no jargon behind in hunt for exec to ‘engage with key stakeholders’
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Crain Communications leaves no jargon behind in hunt for exec to ‘engage with key stakeholders’

When a national publishing group recruits a communications director, it’s fair to expect a clear, well-written job description. Crain Communications buries that theory under a jumble of jargon in an invitation for applicants to join “our collaborative team” — a phrase presumably meant to distinguish the workplace from those where colleagues don’t collaborate. The position … Continue reading


‘Picturesque Blight?’ Asks Free Press About Ruin Porn Tours; ‘Yes,’ It Suggests

It’s a stock journalistic tactic: Drop an edgy phrase in a head, followed by a question mark. We’re not saying, just asking is the subtext. The Detroit Free Press takes that approach Jan, 26, 2014 above a profile of ruin porn entrepreneur Jesse Welter: Picturesque blight? Photographer offers tours of Detroit’s abandoned buildings. Don’t blame freelance writer Emma Ockerman or the … Continue reading

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On Land And At Sea, Kid Rock Sells Much More Than Music

Kid Rock, an entertainer who clearly understands lifestyle marketing, is a case study in how to broaden a brand beyond its core product. In addition to recording and touring, here’s how he also promotes his image and music: Tie into a high-profile event: Gold Cup hydroplane time trials and qualifying runs July 12 on the Detroit River, as … Continue reading

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Sometimes a historic building is a stack of bricks, not a shrine

Nostalgia can be tricky – an emotion that reminds us how we got where we are, but not always where we should go. School reunions can be fun, but aren’t a cue to resurrect bygone wardrobes, hairstyles, dance steps or pop hits. The emotional grip of that last category – music – definitely endures. It sustains vintage-format … Continue reading


Freep fantasy camp: ‘Sit elbow-to-elbow with our best writers’ (Don’t ask about the others)

If you wonder what it’s like to see the Tigers from where Jeff Seidel and Mitch Albom sit, their employer dangles an invitation “for the best job you’ll never get paid for — a one-day internship with the Detroit Free Press Sports department.” In a new promo partnership with Miller Brewing Co., the paper’s parent company — the Detroit Media Partnership — … Continue reading