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Well-played, MLive: Prom coverage is smart, social and inclusive

Interesting news content experiments are one benefit of the “disruptive innovation” (aka financial challenges) reshaping traditional journalism. As media companies of all sizes jockey for relevance, appeal and distinction, readers gain wider opportunities to find professionally presented coverage of niche topics. Take high school proms for a timely example. In fact, take more than 50 … Continue reading

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Lessons from Jake Lobb, 14: ‘Citizen journalist’ after schoolmate’s suicide

Everyone is a potential reporter or commentator these days. But not all amateurs do it as well as Jake Lobb, a Metro Detroit ninth-grader who jumped into action soon after a student’s suicide. Though he didn’t know 13-year-old Tyler Nichols, who was a grade behind him at Davidson Middle School in Southgate, Jake says he … Continue reading


Over the line? Detroit journalists debate fairness in Charlie LeDuff case coverage

Charlie LeDuff doesn’t want us to feel lukewarm about him. With intense delivery and dramatic style, the Fox2 reporter reaches for high notes that engage or enrage. Either way, it’s hot TV. So it’s hardly a shock that a who-surprised? tone crops up in some coverage of his police citation Sunday during a St. Pat’s parade visit  … Continue reading


Unfeeling Journalists? Alexis Wiley of Fox 2 Bares Emotions From An Interview That Haunts

Alexis Wiley learned about objectivity, balance and neutrality at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She’s learning more about reporting’s emotional side on the streets of Detroit. The Fox 2 newscaster sets aside professional detachment in a heartfelt commentary, her first, at the station’s website. Wiley, 29,  reflects on a Feb. 27 interview with a … Continue reading